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Alpine Newt Portrait

Flora and Fauna of Upper Nacapule Canyon

Gila Monster Portrait

Northern Casque-Headed Treefrog

A Trick of the Tail - Blue-Crowned Motmot & Langsdorff's Coralsnake

Entrada - Peregrine Falcon

Paradise Kingfisher

Bamboo Owlet Butterfly on Heliconia

Silver Gyrfalcon

Northern Carmine Bee-Eaters

Still Life with Butterflies

Western Red-backed Salamander

Cacomistle & Zebra-tailed Lizard

Still Life with Beetles

Mona Monkeys & African Crowned Eagle

Bennett's Painted Weevil

Bhakta Rama

Man of the Forest

Oracle of Troth

Icons of the Wild (Triptych)

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