"When I first saw Carel's paintings, I was amazed and surprised. Having become accustomed to the wonderful works of Ching, Bateman, Kuhn, etc., this unique style and choice of subject matter were refreshing; this was stunning art. His work eliminates any consideration of the question: 'Is wildlife art really art?' I became a happy owner of an original Carel Brest van Kempen, and it will not be the last one. This man will make history in wildlife art. He is pure, and all of his heart and soul are in his work. Thank you Carel!"

Zoersel, Belgium

"A master designer and renderer of any living thing."

Bernardsville, New Jersey


"Since I first saw Carel's paintings several years ago at a major mixed show, I've been a fan of his work. He's brought a well-needed fresh eye to the world of wildlife art, painting creatures never before presented to the public. He's constantly inovative and surprising. I admire the way he's stayed with his theme, with a passion, and ignored the temptation to paint more commercially popular animals and birds. It's not that he simply paints these obscure creatures, he presents them in a way that is dramatic and sometimes amusing, but always with the accuracy of an artist who knows his subject and spends time in the field. I'm proud to be the owner of one of Carel's wonderful paintings."

Nokomis, Florida

"Carel brings to his work a naturalist's understanding of animal behavior and flawless drawing and painting skills. These combine to result in perhaps the most innovative and imaginative paintings being produced in the field of animal art."

Palm City, Florida


"I find Carel's paintings quite beautiful, capturing as they do both a sense of mystery experienced by the naturalist and a feel of comfort on behalf of the animals in their environment. They are also executed at a high level of technical excellence."

Harvard University

"Carel has brought a singular vitality to wildlife art. Uncompromisingly detailed and artfully composed, his work is at once vivid and startling, depicting seldom-illustrated species engaged in life's struggles -- alive. To view his work is to be pulled into the drama and diversity of life."

University of Texas, Tyler

"As a naturalist with an eye for authenticity, I deeply appreciate the amazing detail and understanding of wildlife Carel exhibits in his work. I had to look twice at several of his works to be sure they were not photographs."

Bat Conservation International

"Carel manages to combine meticulous accuracy with a very pleasing aesthetic which I'd love to experience in the original. These are very impressive works, worthy of the highest standards of natural history documentation yet simultaneously informed by a sensuous artistic sensibility. I really like these paintings!"

American Museum of Natural History

"Carel's paintings have a distinctive look and feel to them that is not found in most Natural History Illustration. The plants and animals are readily identifiable, but the context in which they are presented turns them into true works of art. They have an ethereal quality to them that borders on the Gothic. Not only would I like seeing them in my books, but I would love to have one hanging on the wall of my office, or living room, for that matter."

Smithsonian Institution